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Modeling effective distance learning with Sara VanDerWerf

March 19, 2020 Jon Peterson / Sara VanDerWerf Season 1 Episode 42
IB Matters
Modeling effective distance learning with Sara VanDerWerf
Show Notes

As we record this episode, thousand’s of schools around the world are closed and teachers and school leaders are scrambling to create the means to teach students of all ages in remote settings.

In this episode we talk to Sara VanDerWerf, a national leader in math education and a former IB teacher, about how to use modeling to prepare students for learning from videos - a common platform being used by teachers when creating E-learning opportunities. 

Her suggestions were posted in her popular math teaching blog and we reached out to her to make them available in the podcast.  

Links from the podcast and Sara's work:

* The blog post that inspired this episode

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